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Singles Scene/Spirit & Life

Our ads have appeared in Charisma Magazine, American Legion Magazine, Country Music Magazine, Mother Earth News, Cappers, Grit , Pulpit Helps, Gospel Today, Writers' Digest, Old Farmer's Almanac, US Magazine, Psychology Today, Popular Mechanics, Western Horseman -- and other nationwide U.S. publications.

We are Singles Scene/Spirit & Life, a nationwide bi-monthly publication for Christian singles, the only one in existence at this time. We can help you meet the right single person for commitment, long term relationships and marriage.

You may live in a small town or rural area where it is nearly impossible to meet an eligible single in our age group. We can change all that quickly by bringing new social contacts with eligible singles to your mailbox and/or your computer screen.

We have been seeking out and serving Christian singles and nice singles with Christian values, since 1981. We have built our reputation and success on integrity. Thousands of successful matches have been made through our pages. We have singles of all ages including seniors, both men and women.

Since most of our singles meet by postal mail or phone, we are no longer offering our issues online. 
Our subscriptions are offered by postal mail only or by email. 

When you send your payment we can email you the current issue as a PDF document if you request it. 
But private information, such as phone numbers, will be deleted from electronic copies. We will mail you
printed copies when you subscribe.

One year subscription is $16.95. This price includes a personal ad up to 50 words and a photo 
to appear in one issue. This price is for USA or Canada only.

You can send your payment via PayPal to scene@twlakes.net. 

Or mail your check or money order to Singles Scene/Spirit & Life, P.O. Box 310, Allardt, TN 38504 USA. 

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